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Granite Park 53 Minuets  Astronomy Photographer of the Year, 2010 People and SpacePhoton Worshippers
Bristlecone Pine Star Circle - White Moutain - Bishop, California. 2 hours 34 minutes
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About This Site

If you have come here seeking my photography... congratulations you've found it. I manage several online galleries. My Fine Art quality work is on Flickr.  If you would like to purchase my work, here is a price list.

Pedestrian things like photos of people and events can be found on my PicasaWeb site. Photos on that site are also available for purchase.

My latest images are visible in the set of thumbnails below and some of my favorite works are visible in the images above. All images are linked to larger images with more detailed descriptions.  In addition, I choose a "Picture of the Month" from my images taken in that month. Several years worth of images are available in the Picture of the Month tab.

In addition, you can see images from my Jordan and Israel trip for people see here and for landscapes and architecture, try here.

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Buying Images

If you are interesting in buying prints of my work, or in licensing my images for commercial or noncommercial use, please look here for information and pricing. Thank you for your interest.


I have written a few tips and hints for photographers.

An large selection of tips can be found at, here are a few examples.

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Wondering where the page about Steven The Amusing, Master Magician went to? Well since I'm not currently taking bookings I moved the page over here.


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